Why should your CEO get involved on social media right now

Successful CEOs are increasingly recognizing the importance of social media in communicating with a variety of stakeholders.

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Written by: Viktorija Stukar

Any marketing communication without social networks today is unthinkable, and while companies and brands more or less successfully cope with the challenges of communication on platforms that have given enormous power to consumers, media and various stakeholders, communication of the leaders of these same companies and brands was going under the radar for a long time. A survey from 2016 found that 61% of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies were not present on social media at all.

Thanks to the real “rock stars” of social networks such as Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk, the trend is slowly but surely changing and CEOs are increasingly taking on the roles of “connected leaders”. A survey conducted last year found that 62% of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies has a profile on at least one social network. Most of them have chosen LinkedIn, which is not surprising given the nature of this network and its importance in B2B communication.


„Walk The Walk“

In communication with companies and brands, people want open conversation and interaction with real people. It’s complete openness and readiness for dialogue, the company will best show if this works from the top to the bottom of their hierarchical ladder. The very presence of CEOs on social networks is useful because for 63% of consumers CEOs who have profiles are better ambassadors of their companies compared to CEOs who do not have them. What is especially important is that not everything remains on perception, because 32% of consumers claim that transparency in the communication of CEOs of companies on social networks would also encourage them to buy more from that company.

With their presence on social networks, CEOs also set a positive example to their employees and help empower them as ambassadors of companies and brands, which is necessary to build a strong employer brand. Authentic and constructive appearance of CEOs on social networks is useful for employer branding also because it can attract quality employees and talents to organizations. According to a U.S. survey, 60% of employees will check executives’ profiles on social media before accepting a job at the company.


The face and voice of the company in important matters

In addition to transparency and willingness to communicate, there is increasing pressure on corporate social responsibility and CEOs today play an extremely important role in this process. They are expected to be the face and voice of the company and to speak on important issues not only from business, but also from the wider social, economic and even political environment. Through an active presence on social media, CEOs get closer to employees, consumers, the media and other stakeholders, clearly outlining the attitudes and activities of companies in line with the values they stand for.

The coronavirus pandemic crisis has further highlighted these expectations, and companies around the world, together with governments, have found themselves in a situation in which it was expected that they constructively contribute to resolving the crisis. Social networks in this situation have proven to be a particularly valuable tool as they have enabled company CEOs to send reassuring messages to employees, investors and consumers, offer them hope and a vision of a stable future, and present an action plan.



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