Why you should listen to creators

It has never been clearer that brand values matter, as consumers are happy to pay a premium in order to shop with brands that align with their values

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Written by: Karla Sedak-Benčić

Source: Ketchum

Year 2020 was a big change for all of us. It wasn’t just about COVID-19 and the “new normal”; it was also about the #BLM movement, the climate change, inequality, mental health, diversity and inclusion. A whole list of long-lived societal issues came to the forefront and audiences expected brands to step up and voice their stance on them.

Since several traditional marketing methods were incompatible to adjust, brands sought out creators who are adept at creating reactive content.

New stars continue to grow

TikTok’s continual rise to social media dominance was perhaps the primar game changer. Its stats went through the roof in 2020 and their platform now boasts 800 million users, a whopping 75% of whom are daily active users.

But TikTok isn’t the only new star. The exclusive, invite-only, audio-based social app Clubhouse, as well as Reels (Instagram’s answer to TikTok) also joined the party in 2020.

Reels is already becoming the go-to destination for fast, fun content. Influencers are creating recipes, DIY hacks and the always popular dance numbers in short 15-second videos powered by an expansive music library.

We should keep our eyes on IGTV, where creators use video editing software tools to make their video content pop. Since IGTV content creators are getting the same ad revenue percentage as YouTube creators, Instagram could find itself in a position to compete against the video content giant.

Ingredients for success

  • Listen to influencers and creators. Don’t force something that isn’t a fit for the brand nor the influencer.
  • The content should be relatable to the audience, and not necessarily over-produced.
  • Position the communication as a reflection of a brand, not an ad. It should feel like it shares the creativity and essence of the influencer’s channel(s) that the audience expects to see.
  • It’s crucial to ensure diversity in influencer campaigns, as a true reflection of the audience.
  • Keep an eye on direct-to-fan relationships. Influencers (and celebs) are seeing that investing in their fanbase is turning casual fans into more serious super-fans, which potentially pays off dividends in the long run.

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