Will the hybrid mode of operation survive the pandemic?

Employees want to work hybrid after the pandemic, employers are skeptical

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Written by: Tea

The hybrid work model allows employees to keep the flexibility of working from home during the lockdown while also keeping office contact with workers, which helps to strengthen teams and collaborate. Organizations are challenged to offer hybrid and flexible work conditions to recruit the best employees and compete better in the world of work. However, not everyone is ready for such a change in employment policy; according to the MarketingWeek portal, almost every tenth request for more flexibility in work organization is turned down.

The term “hybrid” is currently in trend

Almost 83 percent of marketing professionals think hybrid work is very valuable to them, according to the “Career and Salary Survey at Marketing Week.” While comparing very significant’ job factors, the hybrid way of doing business ranks fourth (49.6%), following a good working environment (70.4%), reasonable financial rewards (60.7%), and career growth chances (55.6%).

Almost half of the respondents (49.8%) currently work “hybrid”, combining business days with days at home. More detailed data show that larger companies (over 250 employees) support such a model of work (52.3%), while the results fall slightly in small and medium enterprises (47.3%).

Employers most usually claim that they want their employees together in a full-time office (34.2 %), suggesting that they do not believe in the efficiency of remote work (26.5 %).

The future is diverse and inclusive

However, there are numerous reasons to be optimistic about the future of hybrid. Performed individually can be boosted, corporate culture can be strengthened, and talented people can be recruited by a flexible manner of doing business. Employers should resist the desire to revert to the old business model. Instead, they should concentrate on improving diversity & inclusion policies and improving cybersecurity. They can ensure that every person achieves their maximum potential and contributes to the company’s growth in this way.


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