Without innovation there is no progress

Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Mate Rimac know very well that innovation drives the world. The marketing industry is not vaccinated against them either and the best know that without innovation there is no progress

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Written by: Marija Margareta Klika

According to the official definition (source: Wikipedia), innovation is a new and improved idea, procedure, good, service or process, which brings new benefits or quality in use.

In the world of marketing and communications, where fierce competition and market saturation are very pronounced, non-innovative agencies and brands which stagnate leads to dissatisfaction of consumers, advertisers and employees, motivation is lost and there is a cause-and-effect decline in market position and revenue.

The secret of agency innovation

Innovation, creativity and competition encourage us to be even better, to create good stories that the market will gladly accept and the public will support. When it comes to agency environment, innovative solutions are most often applied when team is working on a tender for a new client, developing a new concept for an existing client or from changes in the environment and the need to revise already tried tools and channels.

And what is needed for an innovative idea? Everything starts from a good organization within the agency, where person in charge for client relationship accepts and respects ideas for colleagues and client, not afraid to propose new ideas and always encourage client to accept them and see the bigger picture. You need to know the brand, the consumer and the trends that affects him well, and know how to wrap it all into a simple and attractive idea with the help of an agile agency team.

Favorite projects

Awareness that investing in innovation is very important is on a high scale of priorities within our agency. During more than 20 years of business, we have always tried to offer our customers and market something new. Here I would like to highlight some of my favorite examples, such as the first creative kit for the media sent 18 years ago, the first retail event in cooperation with the Journal.hr portal, a conference dedicated to bloggers and influencers called DIABLOG and our latest project platform THE GREEN HUB dedicated to sustainable business.


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