How to use PR tools to launch an unknown brand on the market

vivo – a pop star that is no longer anonymous

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Written by: Sara Huljak

vivo, the fifth smartphone manufacturer in the world, which is currently present in more than 70 countries, was introduced to the Croatian market at the beginning of June. The technological giant, which stands out from the competition with its “Benfen” philosophy and provides innovative solutions with a human-centered approach, was at that moment a completely unknown brand in Croatia, and the agency’s task was to bring its mission, vision and products closer to the public.

The big return of live events

We set up a PR strategy in which, with the help of various communication tools to enter the market, we targeted primarily the community of lovers of technology, gadgets and new technological trends.

The campaign was divided into three phases – 1. teaser, with which we announced the arrival of vivo in Croatia through exclusive conversations, 2. live presentation of the vivo brand in Zagreb and 3. presentation of the newest device in Berlin.

In the second part of the campaign, we presented the brand’s mission and vision at a relaxed meeting for journalists, where media representatives could try the Y76 model firsthand and ask questions of the company’s representatives. With the help of a press release, we introduced the vivo brand to the general public, and in order to bring the features of the Y76 model as close as possible to the target group, we agreed to review the device in the tech media. With native articles, we further increased the visibility of the brand and told the story of a Chinese manufacturer that is the initiator of various changes in the industry.

All roads lead to Berlin

The third part of the campaign was focused on the presentation of the flagship model X80 Pro. Media representatives who follow topics related to technology were provided with a unique experience – an interactive event in Berlin where they had the opportunity to learn everything in cooperation with the ZEISS company and the technical components of the product, and to review the latest vivo model in Europe and bring it closer to the Croatian market.

This campaign is a good indicator of how classic PR tools can still be used to create a good buzz, inform the general public and interest the target group in the global brand in the context of the local market, as the results show. A total of 32 media announcements, two exclusive interviews and five reviews were made in the first month since the beginning of communication. The local presentation was visited by 15 journalists, and the X80 presentation was attended by leading journalists from the largest Croatian daily, business and tech media.


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