The Vampire Effect in Influencers Marketing

What happens when celebrities and their careers become bigger than the brands they promote?

LinkedIn content creators who encourage us to live and work more sustainably

We have selected the TOP 5 experts on LinkedIn who have been announced the most influential voices of a sustainable lifestyle and business.

TikTok promotes “Quiet Quitting” culture, employers should offer a solution

Quiet quitting is not a new trend, just a new name for old patterns of behavior, but it represents a serious challenge for employers.

Central Poit Adria logo

We have launched Central Point Adria

CPA is a regional hub for communication management.

The intertwining of the virtual and the real will be even greater

Interview of our Insights and Planning Consultant Nataša Blagojević for Glas Slavonije portal about trends in influencers marketing.

Formula for eternal youth and successful market launch

We presented the new NIVEA Cellular Expert Lift product line to the media and influencers with a retro 80’s event concept.

Three tips for effective content in public campaigns

Social media is a powerful tool for raising public awareness about important topics. Here are some tips how to make your voice be heard in a strategic and creative way.

Quiet Quitting – TikTok buzzword or a serious problem for employers?

The dust has not yet settled around the term “The Big Quit” (or “The Great Resignation”), and a new buzzword has flooded the Internet – “Quiet Quitting”.

This is a PR agency that introduced a three-day work week, gives employees a green bonus and teaches others about sustainability

Our director Marina Čulić Fischer’s interview for the portal.

Organizations readily welcome the introduction of the euro

VoxPopuli on the subject of the introduction of the euro shows that business organizations are more optimistic than citizens and welcome the new currency readily.