#DK2024: Five moments we will remember

Buzzword: fake news

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Written by: Štefica Škarika i Marko Sitar

Dani komunikacija, a festival that brings together the biggest faces of the creative and communication industry in Croatia, this year experienced its jubilee tenth edition and once again surpassed itself. In a relaxed environment and superb production, more than 150 domestic and international experts gave numerous inspiring lectures to a large audience that also enjoyed the wonderful views of enchanting Rovinj.


For you, we single out the five best moments that will make us remember this year’s festival:


1. An excellent lecture by Dan Ariely

One of the world’s leading experts in behavioral economics, a scientist at Duke University and a three-time New York Times bestseller who Bloomberg included among the 50 most original thinkers in the world, delighted with his lecture on how we understand the world of misinformation and misconceptions and how much we are, as human species, predictably irrational. “Be less timid, but don’t live only in the moment, think about a wider perspective.” – was the message with which he ended his lecture.


2. Creative rebel from Asia

His name is Eugene Cheong, he is one of the founders of the Asian Creative Revolution and the big face of Ogilvy, who has received more than a thousand different awards for his work. In an inspiring lecture called Ten Things, Cheong talked about how our job as communicators is to awaken people’s feelings and do something for them. In order to succeed in this, we must first master the language of emotions, and not just present facts and dry information.


3. Hilarious Oobah Butler

One of today’s biggest pranksters once again performed on the main stage of DK and made us laugh to tears. In his lecture called “The Great Amazon Heist”, among other things, he told the audience how he overpowered the technological giant Amazon by placing bottles of urine in which Amazon workers were forced to “urinate” due to less free time. Butler definitely lived up to his title of king of pranks.


4. Fake news and consumer behavior

Every year at the Dani komunikacija, some important and current topic, that is in focus at that moment, is brought up. Fake news, misinformation and consumer behavior were covered in several lectures this year, starting with the already mentioned Ariley and Butler, and ending with the notorious organizer of the Fyre Festival, Billy McFarland, who told his side of the story about the globally most famous deception via video link.


5. Sun, sea and Aperol on the beach

Being in beautiful Rovinj at this time of year, listening to interesting lectures and enjoying informal gatherings with colleagues from the industry is definitely the best escape from the usual business everyday life, so we can say without hesitation – see you next year !


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