Most Croatians work during the annual leave

In our last Vox populi survey we addressed the topic of summer vacations and we compared whether the things have changed from the time before corona-pandemic

Without innovation there is no progress

Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Mate Rimac know very well that innovation drives the world. The marketing industry is not vaccinated against them either and the best know that without innovation there is no progress

Who has the biggest influence through Instagram?

According to average earnings from posts on their Instagram profiles, the top of the rankings is held by globally popular celebrities from public life, athletes and singers

Why you should listen to creators

It has never been clearer that brand values matter, as consumers are happy to pay a premium in order to shop with brands that align with their values

Circular economy is the key for sustainable business development

The biggest challenge is the waste management system

Seven tips for preparing a basic PR tool

One of the most common tasks in the life of a PR person is to write a press release. We bring you simple rules for producing this seemingly simple content.

Quality customer service – Hit or Myth?

The people have spoken: Croatian companies do not offer quality customer service.

People are changed only by pain and love

This article contains projections of changes in consumer expectations, a few words about conscious capitalism, and our selection of winning brands.

The new face of Public Relationship

Social media platforms have become an indispensable part of PR strategies when communicating with the public, media and decision-makers.

Hiding Instagram like counts is now available in Croatia

Since their introduction, likes have been one of the most important elements for the assessment of the work by influencers, so their removal will definitely not go unnoticed.