The new face of Public Relationship

Social media platforms have become an indispensable part of PR strategies when communicating with the public, media and decision-makers.

Hiding Instagram like counts is now available in Croatia

Since their introduction, likes have been one of the most important elements for the assessment of the work by influencers, so their removal will definitely not go unnoticed.

How to build a successful relationship with a client?

The time of a pandemic may have changed the way we work. However, the basic rules to maintain good client service still rely on the same principles.

Is digital technology our friend or foe?

The respondents in general have a positive attitude towards digital technology, but most do not have adequate workplace conditions in that regard.

We took part in the Sljeme cleaning-up action

More than 800 kg of various waste was collected in the campaign organized by the THE GREEN HUB platform.

We started collaboration with the Entertainment Laboratory

The Entertainment Laboratory Association was founded with the aim of promoting, developing and improving the culture and skills of storytelling and communication.

How to beat Facebook’s new algorithm?

Facebook is introducing some changes into its algorithm, and you can turn them into benefits for your profiles with just a few simple tricks.

Five principles for event planning

Although in these corona-times the event organization industry is one of the most affected, events are still a frequently chosen communication tool.

CEOs’ influence on social media

In our latest Vox populi survey, respondents mentioned Mate Rimac and Tomislav Car as a good examples of directors’ communication on social media.

Sustainability trends to look out for in 2021

Market leaders in almost all sectors have been developing new sustainable practices for decades, inventing new products and methods of producing them.